PoCo News Digest September 28

Pic of the Day: Bryan Ness (TCCTV) Interview Terry Fox’s Coach Terri Fleming

Wednesday Summary:

PoCo Fire Chief say 2 hour waits not uncommon, child struck at corner of Wilson & Shaughnessy Tuesday, PoCo Festivals budgets even out, interview with Terry Fox’s high school basketball coach, video of track grinding train, video of bear, …



Why do we have to read about this from Edmonton media?

Waiting two hours for an ambulance not uncommon says Port Coquitlam Fire Chief

If you call for an ambulance in the Port Coquitlam area, you could be waiting for hours. That according to Fire Chief Nick Delmonico who says it’s not unusual for patients considered “low-priority” to wait two hours for an ambulance in the city.

Black, red for two Port Coquitlam festival budgets

Two Port Coquitlam festivals that drew thousands of revellers to the community this year had different bottom lines, final reports to a city committee show. The May Day and Canada Day task forces will reveal their actual numbers to the healthy community committee next Wednesday, showing May Days cost taxpayers nearly $10,000 less than budgeted compared with the July 1 event, which had a $7,300 shortfall.








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