PoCo News Digest September 26

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Pic of the Day:  Rochelle Hepworth Photography – When given the chance to smash cake into your face … this young man has some advice for you. USE TWO HANDS!


Mother Cat Leads Her Rescuer to Her Injured Baby – We Love Cats and Kittens

A stray mother cat persuaded her rescuer to let her back out so she could lead her to her babies. A woman in Port Coquitlam near Vancouver, Canada, saw a mother cat with two kittens emerging from a carport. The kind lady took the little family inside but then the mother was insisting to be let back out.

Who would have thought that a kinesiology student at SFU from Port Coquitlam would become one of Canada’s national heroes?

Six people who changed SFU forever

SFU is the “instant university” that has been educating makers and movers since 1965. Its halls have seen some brilliant minds, but these six people in particular have helped shaped SFU as we know it today. There’s one question students are consistently asked: “Are you SFU?”

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