Tri-Cities Digest August 27-28, 2016 – Refugees Settling In

Today’s Top Links

1. Coquitlam has 72 Syrian refugee students registered for the fall, which is the second-highest number in the province after Surrey

2. Finding work key for Syrian refugee – Samer Aleid making pizzas at Pasta Polo Restaurant in Coquitlam

3. MP Fin Donelly’s Private Members Bill, C-228, prohibits new open net fish farms from being established

4. Giggledam welcomes new cast member (video performance)

5. Cask Festival’s tasting glasses unveiled!

Pic of the Day - Acting Mayor Terry O'Neill

At Town Centre Park Plaza for the Tirgan Summer Festival. Very well attended. I am happy to be, as Acting Mayor, delivering formal greetings from the City in an hour…… and then the rain began to fall!!l






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