PoCo August 20-21, 2016 – PoCo Historian Found Franklin Ship

Pic of the Day - Greg Johnston - Housing Shortage on the Pitt River

PoCo Heritage Photo Contest winner for (un)Natural Selection: Adapting to an Urban Environment Exhibit — All the winners here  —  All the entries here

Todays links:  Bear Warnings, Mayor wants to move away from cars, Dynamic wins telescope contract, lots of car show posts and pics, lots of pet pics,…..


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One Response to “PoCo August 20-21, 2016 – PoCo Historian Found Franklin Ship

  • A REGIONAL COMMUNICATIONS GRID/MATRIX … * Under Construction…., Great Initiative !!!!!

    And also , as with what’s happening on the Community Television side of Production…, interesting IN-STUDIO PRODUCTION “ON LOCATION ” At the Gathering Place within the ARTS VILLAGE in beautiful downtown Port Coquitlam… all of these new Information / Communications Hub initiatives are indicative of a Region undergoing fantastic transformative Visioning… , all pointing to a very Innovative and Progressive environment….

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