PoCo May 30th, 2016

Monday:    PoCo Minor Baseball:  Great pics of action today at our Walter Bird Pee Wee Tournament at Thompson, photo credits to Poco Sports Alliance


Pete McMartin: No plan, no cooperation, no clue with B.C.’s unrapid transit – “This,” wrote Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore in an email to me, “was a betrayal of the Mayors’ Council.

Zika virus costs Port Coquitlam family vacation, $3K

Ron McKinnon, MP Coquitlam – Port Coquitlam: Happy to have answered questions from my colleague, Kevin Lamoureux, who is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader when ‪#‎C224‬, the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act was before the House earlier this month.


Narita Ico, from Archbishop Carney High School wil be awarded one of three scholships from Art Focus Artists’ Association at our meeting on June 9, 2016. Congratulations Narita.

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